Florianópolis´s Map

Florianópolis´s Map


The tours are made according to the preferences of tourists, fully customized and flexible (dates and times). The focus of our program My Friend in Floripa is to have a guide, who is actually a friend, who will show the best of the island in a funny, interesting and safe way, like a friend does for you!

Suggestions for guided tours around the island:

  • South of the Island – We go to the astonished, amazing and inspiring view of the Morro das Pedras Belvedere; follow for a quiet environment where you can relax in the calm waters of the Lagoa do Peri (Peri´s Lake); followed for delicious beach (which looks like a little fishing village), Armacao Beach; Then, a small jump in troubled waters, great for surfing, Matadeiro´s Beach *; follow to Pantano do Sul, with a brief visit to Açores Beach. Further, we continue ´till Ribeirão da Ilha, at the southern end, where the typical Portuguese colonial architecture still standing. Great place to enjoy a delicious oyster gratin.

* At Matadeiro´s Beach there is a trail that goes to a Desert Beach called Lagoinha do Leste (Little Lake at East) which is optional. Beautiful path, however takes a long walk (about 3 hours roundtrip). To do this trail, indicates a second day of sightseeing.

Morro das Pedras Belvedere view

Morro das Pedras Belvedere view

  • Downtown and Continent – Visit to Hercílio Luz Bridge and its viewpoint, “Old Town” (historical center), Cathedral, Palacio Cruz e Souza, Public Market, and Figueira Square (XV Square). After a brief walk through downtown, on a hot summer day, with the possibility of prolongation for shopping, the suggestion is enjoy the Continent ´s beaches as Palmas, in Governador Celso Ramos, or Guarda do Embaú in Palhoça. Both beautiful beaches and is a way to escape from the traffic towards the beaches of the island.
Palmas Beach - Governador Celso Ramos

Palmas Beach – Governador Celso Ramos


  • East – rising Morro da Lagoa and stopping at the viewpoint. We can go to “Costa da Lagoa” by foot or by boat (walk about 2 hours to get to great bars and restaurants – quiet walk, and easy path, but optional. The path can also be done by boat *). We can continue by going to Rendeiras Avenue in Lagoa da Conceição (Conceição´s Lake), Mole´s Beach and “Barra da Lagoa” where there is a short trail which takes you to a beautiful view. We can also go to Joaquina´s Beach or Moçambique´s Beach. 

* Boat not included. This East of the island tour can be done, largely avoiding the traffic, some part on foot and some by boat.

Costa da Lagoa

Costa da Lagoa

  • West – Walk through Cacupe, Sambaqui and Santo Antonio de Lisboa, where there are excellent bars and restaurants; Visit the Church of Santo Antonio and can stretch to the north of the island, enjoying the calm and cool style of this ride to visit the beach of Fort *.

* The fort is open to visitors, but the entry is not included in our tour and getting in this place is up to you. (Of course we will wait untill you finish the visit).


Santo Antonio´s Church

Santo Antonio´s Church









  • North – Interpraias – Pass through the famous beaches of Jurere International, Canasvieiras, Ingleses and Santinho. You can stay a little bit in each place and enjoy the different kind of views.
Jurerê Internacional Beach

Jurerê Internacional Beach



  • What if it rains!?? Cinema? Shopping? Ride Inter-malls: Going to the 4 major malls in Florianopolis and region. “Floripa Shopping”, “Shopping Iguatemi”, “Beira-Mar Shopping” and the new mall “Continent Park Shopping”. (8 hour ride, two hours shopping in each place. If someone choose the cinema, we pick you up at the end of the movie).



  • Surf Session – Imagine spending the week being taken and brought to the best waves!? Options? Praia Brava, Joaquina, Mole Beach, Morro das Pedras, Matadeiro and Campeche. Want more? Garopaba, Ferrugem, Imbituba and Guarda do Embaú. The best of the Surf that a friend can offer, My Friend in Floripa leads to you!

Options of tour out of the island:

Beto Carrero World

Beto Carrero World

Beto Carrero World – The largest theme park in the south of the country has more than 100 attractions, among radicals toys, children’s place, zoo and live shows.

Bombinhas, Bombas and Porto Belo – Beautiful places of calm and extremely clear water. Perfect for diving, professional or amateur. The reservation of the diving classes, My Friend in Floripa, as a great

Unipraias Park - Balneário Camboriú

Unipraias Park – Balneário Camboriú

friend, makes for you!

Balneario Camboriu – During the day to enjoy the Unipraias Park (ticket not included) with lots of “bondinhos” (suspended cable cars), or during the night, with the best parties and clubs in the area.


Well, these are just suggestions. As I said earlier, My Friend in Floripa is totally flexible and molds the tour according to your taste. Want to stay longer in one place or another!? Want to make the journey on foot, bike or boat!? We make the way that will satisfy you in the best way, and will transform your holiday in a lot of pleasant and unforgettable memories.

Safe and Quality Transportation - Vanguarda Viagens

Safe and Quality Transportation – Vanguarda Viagens

Transport!? We also provide! Suttle for large groups, smaller cars for couples or small families. *

* The transportation price will vary depending on the car that will be used. If  you want to optimize your ride and minimize your spending, you can also do the screenplay with your car being guided by My Friend in Floripa.

Please contact us and schedule your tour!

Diana Vieira – My Friend in Floripa

(48) 8452-3546




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