Tourism Guide – My Friend in Floripa

Tourism Guide is the person with local knowledge and will present it to you in dynamical, fun and enthusiastic way. It is the transmission of local knowledge and culture so as to ensure that the tourist will get to know better about specific region in so enjoyable way.

Well, if the tourist guide has all this qualities, imagine one “buddy” who lives in Floripa and knows everything in about the town and is going to show you everything about it! The best places, best beaches to rest, best beaches for surfing, best places to spend time with family, best restaurants, best parties and night life, anyway … this is My Friend in Floripa. More than a guide, a person who will present the city in a fun, interesting and safe way, as a friend would do for you.

This is our focus and our goal! Whether by car, bike, foot, boat, bus, anyway .. the way you want to be introduced to the beautiful island of Santa Catarina, My Friend in Floripa is here to show it to you.

In addition, My Friend in Floripa also serves as a Personal Holiday Planner. Want a script walks, beaches, festivals and parties for your entire holiday!? We set up for you, just like a friend organizes your arrival and reception when you visit him in his city!

Please contact us, choose your script (or we can also suggest it), and let’s go have fun!

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Diana Vieira – My Friend in Floripa